Gratitude Ceremonies

Gong Gratitude Ceremony

**The Power of Intention, Gratitude, and Love**

Intention is a powerful force to create positive change in our lives ending a message to the universe that we are ready to receive what we have asked for.

Gratitude is also a powerful force to attract and opening ourselves up to receive even more.

Love is the most powerful force of all, that binds us together and creates the world around us.

On February 2nd, 2024 we gathered together with 100+ people at Rosa Mexicano Fest @rosamexicanofest in Puerto Aventuras to do a Gratitude Sunset Gong Ceremony part of the ceremony was with a celestial communication with Guru Ram Das mantra

This was a powerful experience that helped us to connect with the love within ourselves and each other. It was a reminder that we are all connected and that we are all capable of miracles.

Guru Ram Das mantra is a powerful mantra tuned to the love frequency. It is a healing mantra that can help to heal both the body and the mind. It is also a mantra of miracles.

When we chant this mantra, we are opening ourselves up to receive the impossible.

On this Valentine's Day, Let us set an intention to create more love in our lives and let Love be the motor through us and around us to expand this frequency everyday.

With Love and infinite Gratitude

Taran Gong

Thanks to everyone that joined us and make this event possible

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