Gong Pujas

Gong Pujas

The Gong Puja is a very special experience that will repair and rejuvenate you. It is a 7 ½ hour event that is the equivalent of 10 x 45 minute Gong Baths.

 This special experience was created by Don Corneux following Yogi Bhajan teachings and it is said that 10 Gong Baths can cure anything.

At the Gong Puja, you will be able to choose your own space at the shala for the night and enjoy some tea and a bedtime snack. 

We will begin the Puja with a few Kundalini Yoga exercises and deep breath exercises. 

This will be followed by a 45 minute Gong Bath that will help to clear the energy and create a harmonious atmosphere.

Throughout the night and early morning there will be several gong players providing a healing soundscape. 

Guests can choose to sleep or meditate during this time, allowing the vibrations of the gongs to bring deep healing.

 In the early morning, we will finish off with another powerful Gong Bath. The Puja will end with the sounds of the Wind Chimes.

Afterwards, you can take the time to reflect on your experience with a warm cup of tea and share your experiences with others. 

Vegan prassad and tea will also be served before you depart.

One of the most significant benefits of a sound healing session is the ability to enhance cellular upgrade, which can result in improved mental clarity, better focus, and improved overall health. 

During a sound healing session, the vibrations from the sound waves penetrate the body, which can help to break up blockages and create a healing environment for cells. 

This can allow the body to better absorb nutrients and release toxins, leading to improved cellular health.

This special experience will leave you feeling transformed and empowered. Through the magic of the sounds of the gongs,

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