Gong Puja

Gong Puja

Experience the Divine Power of the Gong Puja  

Join us for a 7.5 hours Gong Puja every Month 10 pm to 7:30 am in Cancun. This ceremony is equivalent to 10 x 45 minute gong baths, which is the time Hans Cousto's research into planetary frequencies suggests is necessary for a full sound journey.  

With the Gong Puja you get a full 10 consecutive 45 minute gong sound immersions without interruption. 

Relax and surrender to the healing sound vibrations of the gong during the night and into the early morning. Cleanse, repair, and release tension and blocks. Experience a deep state of relaxation, inner stillness, and deep healing. 

Meditate or sleep as though in a dream. Try the Gong Puja today and feel the divine power of sound healing. 

Ceremony Includes:

  • Energy Harmonization with Copal and/or herbs 
  • Setting Intentions Circle and Altar creation to energize your stones, instruments or personal amulets 
  • Kundalini Meditation and Pranayama  
  • 7.5 hours gongs immersion
  • Close Intimate Circle to share about this transformational ceremony
  • Vegan Prassad 

 Regular price MXP $3,333 

Location. Cancun

Full Directions would be sent with your deposit 

**Read some of the reviews:** 

 "The Gong Puja Wonderful experience.

I feel renewed and very happy and grateful.

The night was interesting.

I felt that the gong bath took me to the parts where the densest emotions stagnate in my body.

And how I went from that state to the most subtle state and had a restful sleep.

Thank you so much, - Fabiola Stephanie

"The Gong Puja was wonderful. I am very happy and I feel very excited and very lucky that events like Gong Puja have reached me. Taran and the gurus are very spiritually prepared. - Silvia carolina Martinez chable 

* "The Gong Puja - What an incredible moment. transcendent experience. Super recommended for anyone and any age - Elisa Gallegos

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