I am Taran Gong, few years ago when I was studying my first yoga international teacher training, I decided to change my name to my spiritual name. According to Kundalini Yoga teachings, a Spiritual Name is your mission in life, in that moment that resonated a lot with me and the meaning was quite similar to my Mayan Kin

A spiritual name is a vibration that helps to increase energy through Naad power (the essence of all sound) and its meaning Is the identity of the soul, is the guidance force that helps you to move forward to your real destiny

I was blessed to live as Taran Priya Singh, the Lion who is a beloved embodiment of God who carries others across the material ocean of the world to the shores of divine love.

Taran means swimmer or raft who takes one across. Priya is beloved, divine love. Singh is a name that all men receive - the Lion of God who walks with courage and strength throughout his life. Yogi Bhajan taught that every man has the potential to attain this divine state and encouraged all to manifest it.

Finally I choose Consciously merge with the vibration of the naad to come into harmony with my highest destiny as Taran Gong. “Love is the experience of selflessness within the self.”

I born on February 3rd, in a wonderful family full of love, music and art that gave me a lot of opportunities to work my karma and heal my self

I studied a Bachelor Degree in Management Information Systems and an Specialized Degree in Evaluation, Planning and Project Management.

In different parts of my life aI was diagnosed with Lupus, Seizures, multiple sclerosis, vasculitis, etc and attending different medical therapies, doctors and taking a lot of pills, that sent me directly to my first 2 surgeries in 2013, Total hip replacement, that was the beginning of this wonderful path of self love, awareness and conscious awakening

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